If you have experienced an accident or sustained damage to your flooring in your home, it can be an extremely intimidating process. Dobson’s knowledgeable Insurance Restoration Specialists work with you and your adjuster as a team to get your project completed in the quickest way, while meeting your budget and timeline. Our communications with your adjuster during your repair process will ensure the most accurate estimate possible up front and helps streamline supplements created by jobsite conditions.

You have a choice when dealing with an insurance loss. Dobson’s works with all major insurance providers to make certain we are there when you need us!  If you have damage and have to repair your floor, our Specialists will work with you to find a product that closely resembles that of the original or something different that helps you make a new statement all together! From color to texture, we will do our best to make sure you are satisfied with the end result. Contact one of our Insurance Restoration Specialists if you have a claim, questions and would like help with the process!