Since 1973, Dobson Floors has been bringing beauty to homes and businesses by offering carpet in Dallasand the best hardwood flooring in Frisco that are works of art.  Their unique selection of patterned carpet and elegant ceramic tile along with masterfully designed hardwood flooring options has made it possible to buy flooring easily and quickly.

When you’re buying carpet, you expect to have to look through samples of carpet styles in the hopes that you pick the right home flooring option. With the staff of expert flooring designers at Dobson Floors, you don’t have to guess and hope you get quality carpets or flawless tiles. You can rest assured that your dedicated sales person will recommend the choice that’s right for you, and even go the extra mile.

Brian Young, a 10-year veteran salesman at Dobson Floors said, “One of our salesmen went to an elderly customer’s house and helped her wrap her plants outside before a freeze after we had finished the job.” It’s dedication like that, that keeps customers coming back a second, third, and fourth time.

The Dobson Floors Difference

Say you search the Internet for “Frisco carpet” or “Garland carpet.” Do you know any of the companies that show up in the search results? When you see the Dobson Floor name, you can be sure that you’re going to deal with known professionals who love their jobs. Linda Dobecka, an 18-year employee at Dobson Floors, realizes, “There’s not a lot of turnover in our staff. People tend to stay at Dobson until they retire. We have customers for life.”

Mike Marron, who has 11 years with Dobson Floors at the Garland, TX location, notes, “Customer service is a very important feature of the total sales process. Dobson understands my customers’ needs of service before, during, and after the sale. I appreciate the team chemistry our whole store exhibits towards customer satisfaction.” He notes that everyone at Dobson Floors works together to make sure the customer receives service on everything they sell.

And going above and beyond is what makes Dobson Floors so unique in a climate of Big Box stores that want to get the customer in and out as quickly as possible. Mike Marron remembers, “I had a customer who had a young baby sleeping in her car. I went out to our parking lot and sold her a houseful of carpet while the baby was sleeping. She was so thankful and appreciative.” Employees at Dobson Floors are the exception to the harried and rushed salespeople in other flooring stores. They take the time to answer questions and make sure the customer is happy. That’s what makes Dobson Floors different.

If you’re searching for residential, commercial or restoration and remodeling flooring options, think Dobson Floors first.

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