With 2010 coming to a close, people are starting to think about their New Year’s resolutions for 2011.  Instead of the same old weight-loss and vice-quitting resolutions, some are taking a closer look at their environmental impact, and resolving to reduce their carbon footprint, and environmentally friendly flooring is a great place to start!  If you’d like to make 2011 a more earth-friendly year, why not start from the ground up?

Home flooring is quickly becoming a large part of the sustainability movement. More and more people are considering the environment as they are buying carpet and upgrading their floors. Whether you’re looking to install qualityenvironmentally friendly carpets in your home, or are searching for the best hardwood flooring to help your building achieve LEED Certification, keeping sustainability in mind can make a big impact in your flooring while reducing your impact on the environment.

Current flooring trends are taking into account the environmental impact they cause. From carpet styles that adhere to the Carpet and Rug Industry’s sustainability standards, to hardwood floors that are designed with the help of the Forest Stewardship Council, finding carpet or flooring that’s fashionable and good for the environment is fairly easy, especially if you’re looking for carpet in Dallas or the surrounding metro area.

So what does “green” flooring mean to you? Some view green flooring as products that are made from recycled materials. Some floors are made with a wood pulp base, creating flooring that’s made of 75% recycled material. There are even places that have re-purposed old wine barrels into hardwood flooring and carpet with fibers made from recycled food and drink containers. In addition to recycled materials, another green flooring alternative is using products like cork and bamboo, which are rapidly renewable and can be harvested quickly.

Other people view green flooring as buying locally. They’ll visit carpet stores looking for products made in the United States, since locally-made products don’t have to be shipped far away, which reduces the carbon footprint. Others will go to carpet dealers looking for hand-made products. Purchasing locally-manufactured flooring not only supports the environment, but also supports the local economy.

So, during this holiday season, when you’re decking the halls with red and green decorations, don’t forget about the other “green” concept. If you want to buy flooring that’s eco-friendly and sustainable, or if you’re looking for a patterned carpet that matches both your holiday décor and your commitment to the environment, give us a call or stop by our Frisco or Garland locations to learn more about sustainable solutions for your home or office building.

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