At Dobson’s Flooring America, we are doing our best to become more environmentally-conscientious. From operations to product selection, and everything in between, we’re doing what we can to create a cleaner, safer, greener environment. Most importantly, we invite you to do the same as well!

We have a commitment to good energy and environmental principles, and our brand new Frisco location only underscores our dedication to this initiative. Our Frisco storefront is an L.E.E.D. certified building, making Dobson’s Flooring America the first retail store in Frisco to be awarded this certification by the U.S Green Building Council.

Join us as we create a better environment for the future. We’ve compiled a list of ideas on how you can “go green” from the convenience of your home!

  1. Recycle. It’s as simple as tossing certain trash into one basket and another type of trash into another. The recycling services and policies in each city across of America vary. Make sure that you know what kind of materials your city will accept. Here’s a great article that will help get you started. Also, be sure to make it fun! Teach your children how to recycle and give them the responsibility of sorting through the trash. Not only will they have fun, they’ll learn valuable lessons about being a responsible member of the community.
  2. Purchase eco-friendly products. Yes, you’ll definitely want to consider what flooring to install, but there are also other products that can reduce the harmful effects of pollution. Some product categories that can make a big difference include: furniture, bedding, pest control, appliances and cooling systems. Check out for more information on products that are safe for you, your neighbors and the rest of the planet.
  3. Check out our flooring options. Dobson’s Flooring America offers several types of bamboo flooring, which has high sustainability and environmentally sound origins. Did we mention that bamboo flooring is very beautiful as well? Best of all, it’s an inexpensive alternative to hardwood floors.

The team at Dobson’s Flooring America wants to remind you that your “going green” is just a small piece of the bigger picture. We would like to challenge our neighbors in North Texas to tell your friends about new green options and how they can contribute. Also, be sure to learn about other companies in your area that are making strides when it comes to preserving the environment. If everybody just did something small, the effect would be enormous!

For more information on our environmentally safe flooring products, or to speak with a flooring expert on the type of floor that is best for your home, visit one of our two Dallas area locations.

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