It’s the most wonderful time of the year…the holidays!  From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, millions of families and friends will be gathering to share food, memories and laughter.  If you’ve ever hosted a holiday party, you know that one of the most challenging tasks is holiday decorating on a budget.  You want to make a good impression for friends and family, but you also want to keep costs down (after all, you’ve got all those presents to buy!).  Is it possible to have a festive home without breaking the bank?

Absolutely.  By creating a few focal points in your home, you can cut down on costly decorations and still create a festive atmosphere throughout the house.  Here are a few tips to keep your holidays happy:

  1. Holiday wreaths: The first thing that your guests will see is the front door.  So why not make a great statement right from the start?  Adding a large and festive Seasonal Wreath to your front door sets the tone for the evening, without costing you a fortune.
  2. Centerpieces: The best way to dress up a table for the holidays without going overboard is a nice centerpiece.
  3. Pick a color: creating a monochromatic theme can be an easy way to tie a house together.  Want to go all red?  Put some apples or cranberries in a bowl and use it as a decoration.  Just be sure that the color palate you pick doesn’t clash with your home’s carpet, laminate, hardwood flooring or existing home decor.
  4. Winter wonderland: Do you have some white paper and a little time?  Turn your windows into a snowflake-filled paradise with Martha Stewart’s help.  This one’s great to get kids involved in decorating as well.  You could even create snowflakes that coordinate with your patterned carpet!

Of course, if you really want to make an impression on friends and family, you can buy flooring or other large-scale decorations that can be used for years to come.  If you’d like more ideas on holiday decorations, here’s a list from HGTV with some other great tips.  And if you’re looking to upgrade your existing floors with quality carpets and the best hardwood flooring around, give us a call, and we’ll get your home ready for anything this holiday season throws your way.

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