If you are considering sustainable flooring options, you may want to give cork floors some consideration. Yes, cork has many more uses other than capping wine bottles. Best of all, you can find a great selection at Dobson’s Flooring America!

Often times when we hear of environmentally friendly products, some of us think along the lines of healthy foods – it’s good for you, but never quite as tasty as the real meal. Let it be known, though, we have come a long way with the handiwork of “green” home furnishings. With that being said, let me tell you about an eco-friendly material utilized for creating fabulous floors: Cork!

Cellular Seal
Yes, the little stopper used for aging that great bottle of wine now becomes an aesthetic flooring friend. Cork flooring has properties like no other flooring. Although most every tree has cork in its outer layer of bark, it is the actual cork tree which produces the unparalleled cork bark. This bark substance is special due to its tiny sealed honeycomb cellular structure. You can think of a sponge-like effect where cushioning becomes one of the cork’s desired characteristics. In fact, up to 40 percent of these cells may be compressed while returning to its original shape. Now, picture applying this concept to being flooring tile!Asset-ically PleasingThe assets to cork flooring are quite numerous. This sustainable flooring option should be noted as one of the most important when considering environmentally flooring products.

Asset-ically Pleasing
The assets to cork flooring are quite numerous. This sustainable flooring option should be noted as one of the most important when considering environmentally flooring products. Cork is absolutely one of the best flooring materials in this aspect. Since the tree itself is not cut down, we feel this points it out as a most attractive option. The bark is merely peeled away without destroying the tree and will then grown back within nine years with another ready harvest. It’s pretty amazing, huh?

The other benefits you will enjoy each and every day in your home. While the comfort of walking on such a cushion-like ground has already been illustrated above, consider the noise reduction angle. Cork flooring has been noted for great acoustics. Ever dropped a jar or bottle and cracked your tile floor? It won’t happen with cork. Other properties are its water resistance, temperature insulation, naturally insect-resistant and hypoallergenic benefits for the allergic-sensitive person.

Cork Care
Some of the basics in cleaning your cork floor are:

  • Vacuum or sweep weekly
  • Damp mop the floor monthly with minimal water; it is important that soaking be avoided
  • Should be maintained with products specifically designed for cork or wood floors
  • Avoid using harsh cleaners such as abrasives, oil or ammonia-based cleaning

Inquire More!
Dobson’s is quite proud in our endeavor to bring you sustainable options while bringing beauty into your home. Our L.E.E.D-certified flooring and countertop showroom in Frisco isn’t where we stop. We also make eco-friendly products available to you, so you can build or remodel your home with sustainability in mind. We work hard in researching such avenues for you, for us, and for all. In the end, we are all connected in some effectual way and creating products as such is one of our goals.

For more information on cork floors or other sustainable flooring products, feel free to contact usat our Frisco showroom at 469-287-1945, or at our Garland showroom at 972-270-8741.

At Dobson’s Flooring America—we’re with you every step of the way.

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