Bamboo flooring is becoming an increasingly popular choice for those who invest in the “go green” campaign of today’s environmental concerns.

What many people do not know is that bamboo is actually a grass with a much faster grow rate than other material used for hardwood floors.  Trees cut down for other types of hard flooring take several more years to replenish than the bamboo material.

The durability of bamboo flooring is what makes this green solution a viable one. While many hardwood floors are made by utilizing long strips of the wood, bamboo is not. Bamboo material is actually created by processing and pressing the material into the sections needed for a beautiful outcome. Also, trees that would normally break due to bending by high winds or other forces in nature, bamboo will withstand.

The care and maintenance of our bamboo product is surprisingly easy and simple. There are only a few differences between wood and bamboo care, but these are the basics we feel are necessary for long lasting beauty:

  • Place throw rugs or rugs near high-traffic areas such as door entry-ways; if possible, always remove shoes
  • Avoid cleaners that contain oil, acidic or caustic ingredients that may cause streaky detergent build up on the clear finish
  • Use a good, microfiber mop or comparable cloth
  • Never use wax
  • Some soiling such as gum, candy or gooey substances can be removed by applying an ice cube to harden and then popped loose
  • As with any hard flooring, pay close attention to the movement of furniture on the floor for scratching and gouging; place soft tabs on furniture legs or rubber shoes for furniture with wheels
  • Clean up liquid spills immediately so as to avoid seeping and permanent damage
  • Always sweep up dirt and grit each day to avoid surface scratching

Dobson’s Flooring America goes the extra mile to provide materials beyond the eye-catching product. It is important that our company evolves not only to the needs of our customers, but the needs of our concerns as a community. For more information on sustainable flooring products, please visit one of our showrooms in Frisco or Garland.

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